Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Weekly Workout Recaps: Starting to Feel Motivated Again

My last week of training was affected my my work travel (long days), but the second half of the week saw me getting back into the swing of my normal routine.  I think I've also managed to get back a little workout motivation that has been lacking!  I'm still blaming the impending time change (we will change back from daylight saving over Easter) on my inability to get up early in the morning and workout ... but that excuse won't last much longer.

Here's a look at my workout week!

Last Week (25 March to 31 March)


Rest Day.  Still happy having a week off after my race.


Rest Day.    Although I probably would have exercised, I was travelling for work.  A 4am wake up call to catch a plane isn't conducive to fitting in a workout.


Rest day.  Hmmm, this must be getting a little repetitive for you.  Still travelling for work.  I ended up getting home at about 9:30pm.


7km easy treadmill run.  I just wanted to go for a little run.  It was actually really nice to get out after a week of not exercising.  Although I walked Angus after my run, and that was actually the most fun workout I did!


Rest Day.  I still walked Angus - probably about a 50 minute walk, which was lovely.


7km easy treadmill run. I've actually started a new running program (more details later), and I'm kind of loving the shorter, easy runs.  It is much easier to make myself hit the gym when I know it's going to be a relatively easy session!


NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 1.    I finally got back into my strength training, and it was tough!  I decided to start Stage 7 again, because I've had such a long break in the middle.  This session focuses on squats, lunges with rear foot elevated, push ups, Romanian deadlifts, and standing rows.  In summary - I'm sore!  So that has to mean it was a good workout.

Favourite Workout?

My 7km treadmill runs.  They were both easy, but exactly what I felt like doing.  Sometimes it's great to ease up on the pressure, and remember why you enjoy running - because you can run!

Next Week

As I mentioned above, I've started a new running program that will go for the next few months.  I'll provide more details, but it starts pretty easy, and works up to some tougher sessions.  At the moment, easy is good for me, because I feel like I need a bit of a breather from trying to achieve something out of each and every workout.  Sometimes, I just want to run, and to be able to run the pace I feel is comfortable.  For now, that is good.

I am really trying to get back on track to finish my final NROLFW Stage - Stage 7.  I had a couple of weeks break, and boy, can I feel it!  But I'm so close to the end, that I just need to get on with it.  That's not to say I'm not enjoying the workouts, but running has become a bit more of a focus again.

In summary, next week I want to complete my planned workouts!  It sounds pretty easy, really :P

What type of training are you enjoying most at the moment - running / strength / other?  

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