Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Weekly Workout Recaps

Last week actually felt more like a normal workout week for me.  I did most of the sessions I planned, and I even got in a few morning sessions.  I'd say I'm about 70% back to where I want to be.  My big lesson of this whole experience: working out is a habit, and it's easier to maintain a habit, then to try to break in a new one again after falling off the wagon.

Here are the details.

Last Week (1 April to 7 April)


7km easy treadmill run in 42min.  I'm kind of really enjoying these easy runs.  I just set the treadmill at 10kph, then check out some tv for awhile.  I know they won't last for long, so I'll take them while I can under my new program.


Rest Day.    AKA Sleep in day.


NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 2.  Getting back into strength training has been tough!  I feel like I've gotten out of condition pretty quickly.  This workout has a first alternating set of incline barbell press and seated row (done twice), and then a second alternating set of dumbbell squats with heels raised, dumbbell shoulder press, step ups and underhand lat pulldowns (repeated four times).  Steps ups kill me.  Every.  Time.


7.5km build up treadmill run in 43min.  I enjoyed getting into a slightly faster run!  The goal was to build up between 6:02 - 5:22 pace.  I did 2.5km moving up from 10kph, to 10.5 and then 11 to finish.  Considering this was close to my final race pace a few weeks ago, it felt good to turn my legs over a bit faster again.


Rest Day.  Our international visitors arrived!  We did lots of walking around Melbourne CBD.


NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 3.  This workout had lots of deadlifts!  Two sets of standard deadlifts to start, then an alternating set of static lunges with rear foot elevated, push ups (half), Romanian deadlifts, and bent over rows, repeated four times.  After my last round of deadlifts, my back was hurting a bit, so I've decided to drop the weights on my deadlifts going forward - I'd rather just go a bit easy, and avoid injury, thanks very much.


7.5km build up treadmill run in 43min.    I did a repeat of my Saturday run, although it felt a little more difficult.  That might have been because of the couple of wines the night before.  But I got through it, and got my endorphin rush, so I call it a win.

Favourite Workout?

Probably my first build up run on Saturday.  It was good to turn my legs over a bit faster, and I felt pretty strong.  Not fast ... but hopefully one day I'll start making some progress in that area.

Next Week

I'm just hoping to next week keep up my routine of three strength and three running workouts.  Hopefully with daylight saving ending, and mornings being a bit lighter, I will be able to get out of bed to get my workout done early.

I'll also be trying to start pushing a bit harder in my strength workouts, now that I've had a week to ease back into it.  Go hard, or go home, right?

I will say that from now on, work is going to get more demanding for the next three months, so I REALLY have to get back into the routine of early morning workouts, if I'm going to keep them up. They are also a great way to manage stress when the going gets tough at work.  A bit of workout motivation!

What was your favourite workout this week? Why?

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