Tuesday, 27 October 2015

5 thoughts about doing a detox

As part of my 28 Day Challenge, we were told that for the first 5 days or so we should do a detox.  The detox (as we were instructed) consisted of:

  • Drinking as much detox water as possible.  The detox water included lemon, mint and cucumber.  They recommended drinking 5 litres (?!?!) per day.
  • Having a green monster smoothie in the morning, which included kale, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, goji berries, flaxmeal, chia and parsley.
  • Eat a low acidity / high alkaline diet, focussing on leafy greens, low sugar fruit and some fish once a day.
  • Generally stay away from simple carbohydrates, gluten, dairy and meat (other than fish).  Also avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

I actually managed to stick to the plan pretty well for five days!  Here are some of my thoughts on sticking to this kind of detox eating plan.
  1. Drinking water has been CRUCIAL for me.  I think this is making the most difference in how I feel.  I've been drinking around 2-2.5 litres a day, which for me is a huge increase.  I've realised that I used to mistake thirst for hunger quite frequently!  I'm enjoying the water, but not the many bathroom breaks.
  2. I haven't missed drinking caffeine or alcohol at all physically, but I have mentally.  I've realised I attach certain activities to consuming these things.  I like relaxing with a book and a coffee in the mornings, and I like having a glass of wine on a Saturday night on the couch.  But physically, no loss at all.
  3. I really haven't noticed the lack of sugar, dairy or gluten in my diet.  I don't think I ate particularly much of these before, but I also didn't avoid them.  I think by changing my breakfast to a smoothie with no coffee, this cut out a lot of the usually gluten / dairy choices I would be making in my day.
  4. I have missed protein, particularly eggs.  I think I used to eat eggs most days!  I do like fish, and I probably have it two or three times a week, but not everyday.  I'm looking forward to getting some more variety back into my protein sources.
  5. I have noticed a lack of energy for exercise, particularly running.  During the day I'm fine, but my easy pace a few weeks ago is now feeling a lot harder to maintain, and my speed sessions are not quite so speedy any more!  Given I'm doing a few PT sessions a week (or will be), I'm ok with dropping the intensity of my runs, and just keeping them steady for the month.

Overall, I feel good, and it hasn't been as hard as I thought.  I've also lost 2.5kg in the week, which I realise is probably mostly water weight, but it certainly gives me incentive to stick it out for another three weeks.

Saying that, I know my first coffee / glass of wine after the month is over is going to be savoured :)

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