Thursday, 15 October 2015

Back together again

So I'm just going to jump back into it, and pretend I haven't been awol for awhile.  OK?  Let's go!

At the moment I'm really starting to enjoy running again.  I've passed the 'this is all pain' phase of starting (or in my case, re-starting) to run, where you are counting down the minutes until you can stop, and the pace you see feels much harder than you remember.  Just to be clear with you all, there were many of these runs in the last few months, but with just enough of the good runs mixed in to give me hope that the phase will pass.

I'm now looking forward to each run.  I feel comfortable at an acceptable (although in no way fast) pace, and I have the strength and endurance to push myself, both in pace and speed.  I'm enjoying the feeling of breathing faster without feeling breathless.  I enjoy knowing that I can push out a burst of speed at the end to get the most out of my run, and my body will respond when I ask it to.  I like having a plan now, where each run has a purpose, and some runs are actually easy when easy running is required.

Although I'm not participating in the Melbourne Marathon festival this weekend (I wasn't sure if I would be ready to run another half marathon, and honestly, I didn't want to put that pressure on myself), I am going to go out and run a half marathon around my neighbourhood - or maybe on the treadmill - just because I want to, and just because I can.

Right at this moment I'm pretty happy to have running back in my life.

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