Friday, 23 October 2015

The Challenge that never got started

This week I was supposed to be all pumped and focussed on my 28 Day Challenge - even though I didn't really know what that would involve.  But my body had other ideas.

I went to a  group PT session on Monday night, where we did bench presses, straight leg deadlifts, assisted chin ups, squats, and then some other plyometric / dynamic work.  I found it really tough, and realised just how little upper body strength I had, but I felt good afterwards.  Well, in that small window between finishing and taking my measurements for the challenge.  Not so happy after that.

Anyway, I went to bed Monday night thinking, 'OK, I'm going to give this a proper go!', and committed to go to the other group PT sessions at least 3 nights a week.

Instead, on Tuesday I woke up with a migraine.  A really fun one, where light and movement and sound were all evil.

So Tuesday and some of Wednesday was a cycle of taking strong drugs, sleeping, trying to drink water, then repeating.  By about Wednesday afternoon I realised that I could open my eyes for a bit without feeling any head pounding.  Progress!  But I also realised how incredibly sore I was after my Monday night training session.  Like, I can't straighten my arms and it hurts to sit down on the toilet kind of sore.

I managed to eat some food, and read some material about the 28 Day Challenge which indicated that I was supposed to have been on a detox week, where basically you keep your food intake to fruit and vegies, with a little fish, and lots and lots of water.  Does no food and very little water count?  On the plus side, I already had two days down without coffee to break my caffeine addiction (it's real people).

Thursday I jumped up early (4:55am) ready to get back into my normal routine.  I headed to the gym for my scheduled 8km moderate run.  It was TOUGH.  Like my slow speeds were difficult.  And I quit after 6km.

I NEVER quit in the middle of a run.  But my body had been more beaten and battered than I realised in the previous two days, and I just wasn't up to it.  Or up to going to the Thursday night group PT session - just making it through a day of work was enough effort.

So my first week of my challenge has been a bit of a write off.  I have started the detox week, and am actually enjoying eating lots of fresh vegies and fruits, even whilst realising it isn't that much different to my normal diet.  I'm probably just being stricter about not have any dairy or gluten or caffeine, rather than a little here and there.  

And I'm really REALLY trying to drink more water.  It helps that I'm not drinking coffee - when I would normally want coffee, I'm just having water or a herbal tea instead.  And I do like having water with cucumber in it - yum!  I'm up to close to 2 litres a day, which is great (for me)!  But also involves many bathroom breaks.

So my new goal is a 21 Day Challenge starting Monday, with about a 5 day detox beforehand to kick it off.  We'll try again next week.

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